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Cagenda.cm is an informative and specialized website for students,researchers,professionals,etc.,in Cameroon. The user or visitor will have the opportunity to find critical informations on libraries and events organized on the territory of Cameroon. In the first place, to plan and manage his time but also to facilitate his research and learning. And on the other hand, to extend its social fabric and to immerse oneself in one’s socio-professional aspiration environment.

It is a compilation of accurate and detailed information for the empowerment of young people, researchers and any user of this space .



It is an initiative of Mr. Yves Djouwa, President of Youth_Touch association and founder of MJ-Tech Start-up. With multiple projects and programs in various fields such as information and communication technologies, renewable energies and the fightagainst violence against women, he holds a Mastersdegree in International Relations from IRIC and is a specialist in sustainabledevelopment, cooperation and management issues. The design of this website is the result of a collaboration with Mr. Vincent who holds a professional bachelor’s degree in system maintenace and computer networking.He is also a specialist in the web and digital economy.

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