The upac organizes a training session on the use of software for automatic processing and analysis of text data from February 03 to 07, 2020 at the university campus. In collaboration with the centre provalis research the association network of young researchers for development and efficiency (Nyrde);
It is planned to hold a panel discussion on the theme “big data and social research” on February 3, 2020 starting at 10 pm.
This panel will be hosted by leading professors, researchers and professionals of the public research administration in Cameroon.
Training goals for participants
1. Discovery of modern processes and techniques for the collection and processing of different forms of text data
2. Stimulation of new original research projects in social and political sciences
3. Networking, collaboration, creation of new cross-cutting research teams on common themes
4. Acquisition of technical and technical skills for the processing of ordinary and web text data
5. Obtain a certificate corresponding to 25 hours of training on one of the caqdas, with the provalis research centre.

Registration fee for training

65 600 Fcfa (100 euro)

Due by orange money at 658079259